What is it?

Good, healthy food available 24 hours a day, with no need for staff to serve it. That’s Button Gourmet, a fully automated solution that could serve gourmet food and beverages 24/7 and a ‘wow’ effect experience for your customers.
With Button Gourmet you can serve quality breakfasts, lunches, appetisers, dinners, coffee, tea and herbal tea at any time of day. A solution that offers great advantages and opportunities for your business collective catering.
This is designed for the thousands of people who out and prefer top-quality products. For example, university campus, financials cities, airports, hospitals, hotels…
Five meals a day at the touch of a button, together with complete nutritional information on the product, for a hassle-free healthy diet. Button Gourmet comes equipped with a screen where that can be given full information about the product with a very attractive way, and produces a ‘wow’ effect on users.
Has a stylish design that transmits quality and simplicity to customers, sparing no detail to provide an atmosphere that’s just as pleasant and comfortable as any restaurant. Button Gourmet has been awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Award 2015, one of the most prestigious competitions in the world of industrial design.
Quality gourmet food with complete nutritional and allergy-related information available at a single touch. In the future, the system will allow personalised diets to be designed for each user. Button Gourmet has a total capacity to offer 180 different products.