How it works

The products are displayed in a stylish display case. The touchscreen beside it shows information on each product, for a more informed choice. The customer chooses what they’d like to eat or drink.
After choosing from the menu, the customer can pay by card or cash. The machine issues a ticket that is scanned at the collection area before the order is dispensed.
When the payment ticket has been scanned, the customer can collect the order. Two doors open smoothly and quietly and the selected product appears, tastefully placed on a black tray.
In an area reserved for ‘office’ type functions, the user will have the option of using the microwave to heat or finish preparing the meal.
Button Gourmet not only provides quality products but also customised cooking options for hot dishes and hot drinks, opportunities to add extra ingredients and even to heat them up.
This modular structure machine has been designed to facilitate maintenance and to maintain maximum hygiene and food safety.